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Guaranteed Safe Delivery of all products till it reaches the customer

Returns and Refund Policy

  • Returns must be authorized by the seller prior to their return.
  • Buyers must follow the returns instruction provided by the seller.
  • Buyers must strictly follow our return procedure when returning a faulty item.
  • We reserve our right to replace the buyer with a repaired or new item (with equal value or less), or provide a full or partial refund with equal or lesser value
  • We are not responsible for any losses and/or damages during delivery of the returned item(s).
  • Charges may apply if the product is functioning properly or it is confirmed that the product is physically damaged by end user when we receive it. There will NOT be any refund if such cases do occur.
  • All items come with a reasonable period warranty. If problem is not reported within 7 days of receiving, buyer is responsible in all postage costs.